Member Benefits
  • Continuous educational development through Quarterly communication of Golf Teaching Pro Magazine.
  • International recognition.
  • Employment referrals / business opportunities.
  • Annual members tournament.
  • Logoed WGTF & AGTF merchandise.
  • Availability of self-help books on marketing and management skills.
  • Opportunity to participate in the annual World Golf Teachers Cup & Conference. This is an annual event held consecutively in the United States and Europe every year. The cup involves both individual and team competition and also includes age categories.
  • Commissionable income opportunity and discounts on golf equipment and training aids.
  • Ongoing education through refresher courses. (Masters Course)
  • Membership Liability insurance.

Plus the following WGTF Benefits:

The following benefits are available to all WGTF and AGTF members (fully certified & associates):

  • Worldwide WGTF recognition
  • Golf Teaching Pro Magazine.
  • Employment referrals and business opportunities
  • WGTF member federations’ logoed merchandise
  • American Golf Teaching Manual

The home USGTF office located in Port St. Lucie, Florida is always available to answer any WGTF member’s question. The number is 1-888-346-3290. The office concentrates fulltime on increasing worldwide public awareness about the WGTF, USGTF and all other member federations around the world. Also, the office is responsible for the following:

  • Acts as an ambassador and foster relations from the central office between all member federations of the WGTF
  • Ensures that all member federations are following the WGTF charter of bylaws in accordance to all WGTF guidelines. This guarantees uniformity, credibility and for the benefit of all, a standard of quality in golf instruction throughout the world
  • Provides worldwide exposure through Internet, media releases, public relations, and co-sponsored events with all member federations
  • Co-sponsors the annual World Golf Teachers Cup with each year’s host federation
  • Promotes and maintains relations with golf manufacturers and other golf related entities for the benefit of all members
  • Provides top quality Internet hosting, website design, keywording for search engines and maintenance of all WGTF and member nations’ websites