A Typical Day

Our goals at the Australian GTF certification courses are two fold; to ensure that you enjoy yourself and to ensure that you learn the fundamentals of teaching. As a teaching professional, you will also want to have goals of a similar nature with your students.

It is important that students enjoy themselves and are taught the mechanics of the golf swing in a simplified, easy to understand manner.

All aspects of teaching golf are covered during your course. During your the four days attendance we will not however, keep you in the classroom simply lecturing all day long. Classroom theory therefore, is kept to the minimum time required each morning to cover all of the following topics in detail.

  • Common Sense Golf Teaching Ideas
  • Understanding Ball Flight Laws
  • Teaching the Golf Swing – Full Swing, Short Game and Trouble Shots
  • Psychology of Teaching Golf
  • Rules of the Game
  • Marketing Yourself as a Golf Teaching Professional
  • (each participant is issued a book by the same title for reference)
  • Clubfitting – What Teaching Professionals Should Know
  • Faults and Cures
  • Use of Video In Teaching

After the classroom theory each morning the focus is on learning to teach on the practice facility itself.

We usually take a one hour break for lunch at 12.30pm. Each day you have the opportunity to practice teach with your fellow students with guidance from one of the Australian GTF teaching professionals. For the most part, practice teaching is done one on one and not necessarily in class type format.

Our goal is to have you feel confident that you can conduct a lesson with a student.

Afternoon play on the golf course is scheduled after 2pm with your fellow students. Your teaching professional is present with you to teach course management. There is also time allotted each day for you to hit balls to practise your own game.

All meals except the closing banquet (held at the end of the final day) are on your own, however, many participants choose to dine together.

The playing ability test (PAT) is scheduled on the last two days of the course. The verbal teaching test is given after the PAT. The written rules test is issued to you prior to the commencement of the course and is to be re turned on the first day of the course.